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Conscious Concentration

Much is being said about concentration in pseudoesoteric schools and pseudoesoteric books.  Many confuse true concentration with "identification with one thing at a time (without conscious introspection through the Remembrance of the Being and Self-Observation practiced simultaneously).  This confusion has brought the inconvenience of considering "concentration" as a label for "identification with one thing at a time".

After this clarification, and due to the fact that our statement here cannot change the minds of all those who are mistaken in regards to what concentration truly is, we specify concentration in this exercise as a conscious one: conscious concentration, where there is the Remembrance of the Being and Self-Observation practiced at the same time that the object is being visualized.  This splendid state of conscious introspection, along with the conscious visualization in the exercise may enable the avid meditator to "tune into" the true nature of the object itself (the NOUMENA, as German philosopher Emmanuel Kant calls it).


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