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Arcanum I - Angel Sigil

There is no definition for this Sigil.  It is what it is.

In order to extract information and knowledge on this mysterious symbol, an avid meditator can concentrate on the figure first, with eyes open, then visualizing it with eyes closed.  Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition are the three stages for Initiation.  In the Imagination phase, we can visualize this sigil; in the Inspiration phase, in deeper meditation while maintaining a perfect balance between somnolence and conscious concentration on the visualized sigil, we can receive more special information through conscious intuitional insight (at least at a certain level).  The Intuitional phase is next, with further concentration and deeper somnolence, where the PHENOUMENA (the object as it appears to be) is unveiled and the NOUMENA (object as it truly is) is known directly and beyond all reasonable doubt.

This technique on meditating on the sigil can be performed with any symbol.  However, it is wise to remember that the overall purpose of transcendental meditation is Complete Enlightenment and, in the enlightened stage all things are known without having to go through the esoteric exercise suggested above.  The reason why we give the exercise is for the beginner to acquire experiences of psychic nature, which may motivate more transcendental inquiry (a natural and obvious pre-requisite for beginning to go through the Way towards Complete Enlightenment in the first place).  S.A.W. strikes a balance for this, saying that occasional --though not too frequent-- metaphysical (psychic) experiences are not bad for beginners, now that this transcendental inquiry being developed as an outcome of such experiences may lead to further self-psychoanalytical work (which is very difficult at first).


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