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Staff of Power

The Staff of Power on the left hand of the Magician is a representation of a very special kind of energy already active within unique energy vessels located right where the physical spinal medulla is.  Many names have been given to this energy, and further explanation goes beyond the scope of this discussion.  Moreover, due to the fact that it requires very special merits and virtues of the heart in order to awaken this latent form of subtle energy within, in this graphic the Staff of Power is indicating, as well as the Serpent in the Magician's forehead, Mastery and Self-Realization.

Here is another representation of a Staff of Power: a Cane with 7 Knots, where each knot represents a chakra (or whirling energy/magnetic field within a nerve plexus, mostly within those nerve plexus that are found surrounding main endocrine glands on the spinal column area --prostate in men/uterus in women, solar plexus, heart plexus, thyroid gland plexus--, as well as in the coccyx tailbone, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland):

More details on this are beyond the scope of this discussion.


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