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Just like all other Zodiac Signs, Leo is like a very special cosmic set of values, all subjected (of course) to the Law of Karma (action and reaction).  People do not contain the typical personality characteristics of Leo just for being born within a specific period of time that is being said when Earth is under the influence of the Leo constellation; on the contrary: all people sharing the typical personality characteristics of Leo are, in some way, connected with one another.  This kind of connection can be associated with the connection two citizen band (CB) transmitters/receivers have when both are tuned into the same frequency.  It is this same special cosmic frequency what has been given the name of "Leo constellation".

Leo, also known metaphorically as "the Throne of the Sun", is associated with very specific psychological values that, if continuing to manifest in the personality, may bring as a consequence fortune and a promotion to a relatively higher rank, as well as some travel.  But in reality, in actuality, there is no future; only present values that show in potential certain consequences which, in this case, are quite auspicious.  

The hidden meaning of Leo is INTUITION.  Intuition is not guessing, as some may suppose.  Intuition is in-sight, a silent voice within that many of us should learn to listen to; it is that special "hunch" or psychic feeling of an upcoming event, reaction, experience, etc., and even the direct experience of any object under observation as it is (and not as it appears to be).  Intuition is fully developed as all subjective multiple obtrusions hidden within the unconscious are duly dissolved.  As these obtrusions are taken "out of the way", latent faculties heretofore dormant blossom like flowers in Spring, and the entire universe we usually perceive shall be rendered as illusion.  


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