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Arcanum I is related with Sephirah KETHER.  KETHER is located right on top of the Equilibrium Pillar.

More details are covered in the course The Initiatic Way in the Tarot Arcana and Hebrew Kabbalah.

For the time being, however, we should point out that the Ancient Egyptian Tarot is not meant for "guessing", and definitely it is not a parlor game.  It is a serious system where each card, with all symbols and details, have a place and profound psychoanalytical significance deep in our own psyche.

The interpretation of Arcanum I, as well as that of the rest of the twenty two Major Arcana, is definitely objective and consciously introspected.  This kind of interpretation involves the practice of transcendental meditation and does not require at all the dualistic process of ordinary thought.

With all symbols explained, we therefore are presenting you as many examples possible of what we mean by Objective Gnostic Art.


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