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Eyes of Horus, Eyes of the Divine Spiritual Being, Eyes of Our Father

The Eyes of Horus (left), the Eyes of the particular Spiritual Father, are there above observant, in full conscious attention as we glance at Arcanum I.  The Eyes are staring at us, just as we begin to go by the entrance to an Intellectual Introduction to His Domain.  Both eyes form the sign of Infinity (right), a common mathematical symbol nowadays that represents a collection of infinite objects, a number that is beyond the reach of all numbers conceivable in human cognition and imagination; Creation Itself with all infinite celestial bodies, suns, moons, planets, galaxies, etc.  This is the Holy Eight, the Number of Job.

The Holy Eight, represents the psychological struggle humans have between the Mind, the Heart, and Sex.

Arcanum I --in its Spiritual Plane-- invites us to reflect on the fact that to reach the Spiritual Father in our pursuit to happiness, we must overcome the psychological struggle between Mind, Heart and Sex, which seems to be never-ending (an undefined period of time), though possible.



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