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Aleph is the very first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The Hebrew alphabet's most noteworthy characteristic is that each and every letter has a profound psychoanalytical significance (perceived as Sacred by many), rather than just being "random" characters used under collective agreement to represent a specific vocal sound (as in the case of our modern alphabet here in the Western world).  Moreover, there is a very specialized discipline that involves the way Hebrew letters are written (more details on this would lie beyond the scope of this introductory presentation of Gnostic Art).

This first Hebrew letter is a symbol of man as a collective unit, as lord and ruler of Earth.  It is related to universal man and to the human species.  Esoterically, it is the center, the abstract principle of things.  As a sign it expresses power, stability and continuity.  Taking a closer look at the figure of the Magician, we may notice that the body itself is imitating Aleph.

Looking closer at this Hebrew letter, we may notice that it is formed by two YUDS (the tenth Hebrew letter, representing "The Infinite Point"), joined by a diagonal VAV (the sixth Hebrew letter, representing "Connection").  The waters from above, the waters from below and the firmament between them, are elements represented by ALEPH.  Water is mentioned in the first day of Creation, and it does not necessarily imply the overall physical-chemical creation of the visible and tangible universe, but to transcendental developments within the innermost part of human psyche:  consciousness awakening and complete enlightenment.

More explanations on this Hebrew letter would lie beyond the scope of this discussion.  But for now, we have a good example of what we mean by "Gnostic Art". 


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